Since most users in many industries access applications on mobile phones, file size and performance are important considerations. Therefore, optimizing images and videos to reduce page weight, load times, and network resource loads is a must-do. A front end developer, also known as a front end web developer, is a professional responsible for the design and implementation of the interface. The users require this interface so that they can access the application in question. A web designer is a professional who creates a website’s appearance and design.

front end web developer

« Learn constantly, there is always one more thing to learn! » said Steve Jobs. This holds true in all aspects of life, including programming and front-end development. If you want to become a professional front-end developer, you have to practice consistently. All the websites we browse, the e-commerce websites we purchase goods from, the blogs we read from, and so on are made user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing by front-end developers.

What you’ll learn

In addition, front-end developers are more sapient in the web design technicalities — that’s why they’re often tightly involved in the conceptual design side. Get the skills to build engaging, interactive user experiences on the web as a front-end web developer. Learn everything you need to design and develop user-facing code and discover how to bring concepts to life on the browser canvas, whether you’re creating sites or apps. Eventually, what is learned from web browser development can be used by front-end developers to craft code for environments that are not fueled by a browser engine.

  • Now, let’s look at some of the major requirements/skills required before you can call yourself a frontend developer.
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  • On the other hand, front-end developers can make some use of knowing Photoshop or Sketch/Illustrator, but they do not need web designing skills to do their job.
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  • You might have been awestruck quite a few times while scrolling beautiful websites with complicated yet smooth features.

Front-end developers are frequently referred to as “client-side developers” to separate themselves from back-end developers, who program what happens behind the scenes . A good Front-End Web Developer will have an understanding of the web development process from inception to deployment. They will also have a good understanding of industry trends and the newest software programs and languages. In addition to the technical skills, they need to have excellent problem-solving skills and flexibility due to the changing technologies. There are technologies and knowledge that are common to all web developer jobs.

Common Tasks of a Front End Developer

They must have a keen eye and be able to catch small errors or inconsistencies when creating web pages. Here’s a fun course that will help you build your own portfolio site with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – so you can practice those web dev skills. You can also look through the portfolios of your fellow front-end developers to see what you like and dislike. Then, knowing what you want to show the world, create your own website. There are have a lot of them, but it’s best to pick one and learn it thoroughly, such as React, Vue, or Angular .

front end web developer

A smart UX strategy often translates to more satisfied users and lower abandonment of websites or mobile apps—even if certain operations or pages take a while to complete or load. Improve smoothness by minimizing UI updates during user interactions with your application. For example, using CSS animations instead of JavaScript can minimize UI redraws due to DOM changes. Frameworks like React Native enhance interactivity by dynamically reloading a page to display the various parts of the interface instead of having to reload the page. Load time can be affected by latency, file size, and the number of files.


The browser automatically converts all HTTP-based access attempts to HTTPS requests. Progressive formats like H.264, VP9, and AV1, which offer high compression efficiency, are widely supported by client devices. Aimed for sharing a brand’s values, marketing content must be carefully crafted and presented to ensure delivery of the right message. Optimize the content, especially rich media, for fast and accurate page loads. As a result of that setup, cloud providers can apply changes for all customers through a single, shared instance, more efficiently performing maintenance tasks, fixing bugs, and delivering updates . Similar to flexible grids, breakpoints are dots on a page that identify cut-off points so that information can move on the screen.

front end web developer

Just remember – don’t compare yourself or your learning pace to that of others as you learn. Set aside some time each week or day to learn, do your best to stick to it, and then rejoice. We’ve also learned that becoming a front-end developer without a degree is not only possible, but also attainable. Check out their requirements to see what other areas you need to improve in as a front-end developer. Building your portfolio is an easy way to demonstrate your expertise as a front-end developer. Version control makes this much easier because it allows you and your team to efficiently communicate and manage all changes made to the source code.

Front-end Developer job description

Responsive applications that call for multiple image versions for different screen sizes further aggregate this problem. Desktop users are adept with their mouse device, but some actions are less intuitive on mobile devices. Responsive websites must accommodate smartphones by ensuring that every action is easily accessible through a touchscreen. Links must be large and obvious on small screens, and scrolling must be easy across device types. Be sure to test the user experience to ensure that all the elements work well on different devices.

front end web developer

As of late, development environments are being dreamed up that use web technologies (e.g., CSS and JavaScript), without web engines, to create native applications. Front-end developers may also use libraries and frameworks, such as React, Angular, hire a web developer or Vue.js, to streamline their work and create more sophisticated and interactive UIs. A front end developer brings the design of the web site to life for users to see and engage with through fonts, buttons, images, colors, layout, etc.

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Many professionals prefer CLIs for their speed and performance when installing libraries and frameworks. HTML is a markup language, CSS is a style sheet, and then we have JavaScript, the third building block. JavaScript is a programming language that allows you to make your web pages more interactive. This can include animations, dynamic styling, effects/behaviors when buttons are clicked, game motion, and so on. They are the building blocks for web and app development, so you must learn if you want to get into web dev.