Don’t fear the struggles, let them out in a healthy way. It’s important to remember that you’re going to be craving alcohol to reward the short-term part of your brain, not the long term. Create some goals for yourself to remind yourself of what you’re working towards. Every year, St. Patrick’s Day celebrates Irish culture and the legacy of St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland. Severe substance use disorder can put a strain on or deplete someone’s finances.

  • Ask your doctor about nonmedical ways to manage your pain, like massage or acupuncture.
  • Whether he’s leading groups or providing individual and family therapy, Kevin’s passion for serving those suffering from substance use disorders is always on display.
  • You may also experience what is commonly called sobriety fatigue, which refers to the overall exhaustion that may occur as a result of the emotional and physical stress of staying sober.
  • Exercising will boost the natural production of certain neurochemicals in your body.

As a recovering addict, it’s in your best interest not to relapse. After all, you’ve done all the hard work, and there’s no valid excuse to relapse by now. But when you do, you don’t need to criticize yourself and make yourself feel like a failure.

Learn to Manage Stress

It is likely that you had some friends with whom you used alcohol or drugs regularly. But, it is important to avoid spending time with people who may pull you back into a life that you’re trying to leave behind you. Addressing your past may be one of the most important tips for staying sober. During treatment and therapy, you probably learned more about your past and how it affected others in your life. Your past may also be filled with mistakes that may still be negatively impacting your life now. As you work through recovery, it is best to address these issues from your past.

If they drink, ask them to support your recovery by not doing so in front of you. You’ll never finish everything you want to do, but if you set strict timelines, you’ll keep yourself on track for staying sober. If you’re fortunate enough to have friends and family that have continued to stay by your side, then seek them out.

Recognize that there’s a lot to learn about substance use disorder

Concentrate on making it your own day, not a day that belongs to drinking or using drugs. You’ll overwhelm yourself if you think about sobriety in long increments. Have some sober friends you can invite as your plus-one to a social event like a party or wedding. And stay in touch with your sponsor and call them if you’re feeling anxious or uncomfortable.

Learn more about the benefits of goal setting in recovery here. Acknowledging and celebrating the hard work of recovery is helpful for keeping you motivated and reminding you why you took this brave step toward sobriety in the first place. Just be sure that your rewards don’t involve drugs or alcohol.

– Be Patient With Yourself and Maintain a Positive Outlook

If you choose to go to a meeting once a week, try to go to the same meeting. This will give you more opportunities to bond with other members. Just because you’ve completed an addiction treatment program, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll never drink or use drugs again. Many addiction experts agree that addiction is not curable, but it is treatable with the right resources and skills. With the right type of help, you can abstain from drugs and alcohol and live a life of sobriety.

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To inflame the issue, financial worries and issues holding down a job are triggers for relapse. Addiction often creates problems at tips to quit drinking work up to and including job loss. Substance abuse can trigger an array of negative health outcomes, both physical and emotional.